'But God said to me, “My GRACE is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9'

Friday, 27 April 2012

Hannah's headstone

Hannah's headstone has finally arrived! We went to her grave last week, and were excited to see that her headstone had been installed. I'm not sure how we got to the point in our lives that we would be pleased to see our daughters headstone... but I guess that's the reality of life after our daughters death. It's the kind of 'pleased' that is shown with more tears than smiles; if that makes any sense.

What I was relieved to see, was that it looks just like we wanted it to. Designing it was a hard and extremely emotional process, to say the least. Planning your daughters headstone is not something you ever imagine you will have to do. Jeremy and I spent a long time playing around with different wordings and designs and fonts and colours, and we are glad it looks as nice in reality as it did in our planning. It looks pretty, and warm, and baby like; just like we wanted it to for our baby daughter. A touching tribute to Hannah's incredible life.

But I wish we were picking outfits for her to wear, not designs for her headstone. 

I wish we were taking her with us to visit people, not having to visit her ourselves at a graveyard.

I wish it was my arms holding Hannah Grace, not a grave. 

We love you and miss you Hannah Grace...


  1. SO very sad how we delight in strange things. I was thrilled yesterday when someone commented on my necklace and I got to tell them about Jonathan, because it is a urn necklace. The stone looks beautiful. Saying a prayer for you now.

  2. Oh how I can relate to this post! We just finalized our sons stone and I am 21 months into this journey. Designing a gravestone is one of the few things we get to do for our babies, so I know what you mean. Hannah's stone is beautiful! {{{hugs}}}


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