'But God said to me, “My GRACE is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9'

Daddy's letter

Jeremy's speech that he gave at Hannah's Memorial Service

Dear God,
Please pass on this message to my little princess, Hannah Grace. 
I love you Hannah. Mummy and Daddy love you. You have brought such joy to our lives and we miss you so much.

From the very beginning you have been an active and stubborn child. Activeness from your Daddy, and stubbornness from your Mummy! Mummy  suffered 4 months of your kicks, back flips, and cartwheels; and once you were born you never stopped kicking off your booties and monitors.

The doctors kept telling us you would come early and never make full term, but you kept defying the odds. You were also the most prayed for baby I have ever known! Maybe this is why you were such a blessing.
When you were born, your first cry was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I felt like I could listen to you cry forever! Minutes with you felt like hours, and hours like days. You were Daddy’s little girl, and I melted when you stared at me with your big blue eyes. You always calmed immediately in my arms, and moved your head to see me when I talked to you.

Sorry I was such an embarrassing Dad to you! I never meant to lock myself in the staff stairwell at midnight; or to pull the emergency cord in the hospital shower and have to convince seven nurses that I was OK and you weren’t in the shower with me!

Everything in life was against you, but you were such a fighter. Everyone who met you was inspired by your courage.

Your last night on Saturday night was the longest and scariest night of my life. Sorry Daddy couldn’t do enough for you, or help you when you were struggling.  My everything wasn’t enough. I knew your heavenly Daddy was calling you back to Him, and we only had you on loan for a short time and couldn’t be greedy.
Why did you fight so desperately? Girl, you were crazy, fighting back from the brink of death 3 times. Didn’t the doctors explain to you that you had a weak heart and weren’t meant to be able to come back to life once your body was shutting down?!

You and your Mum showed me the greatest display of love between two individuals that I have ever seen; as she kissed your lifeless body, and you turned to her, nuzzled into her, opened your eyes and began breathing again, with your heart rate returning to normal. We were so touched by the love you showed us, fighting to stay in our arms.

Now you have gone we miss you desperately. Sorry you will never come home to your bassinet or nursery.
God, thank you for our beautiful daughter. We love you Hannah Grace.
Love, your Daddy
Daddy's little princess :)