'But God said to me, “My GRACE is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9'

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

August update

Just thought I'd share a brief update, and a few photos. 

I am now 27 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby, so only 13 more weeks until she is due :) We chose her name very early on in the pregnancy, but won't be sharing it until she is born. We are really looking forward to meeting her! In the meantime we are being kept busy, especially this month with Hannah's 1st birthday fast approaching. More details to come regarding our plans for this. So stay tuned.

Bubs seems to be doing well. She is growing, and is very active just like her big sister was! We are spending a lot of time watching the Olympics which are on at the moment, and some evenings it feels like bubs is doing her own Olympic training! For gymnastics or something maybe ;) Her Daddy is very sporty, so I wouldn't be surprised haha. 

We don't have very much to buy in preparation for her arriving, as we had the nursery all set up for when Hannah was born. Although we have painted it in the past few weeks, as I decided I wanted to change the theme in there, to something that could incorporate things for both Hannah and her little sister. I have also been buying a few girly bits and pieces of clothing for her, which is fun but quite emotional. She will also wear some 'hand me downs' of gifts that were given to her big sister. 

It's not like a normal pregnancy though. There is a lot of stress and worry and it's hard to just relax and enjoy this process. There are many mixed emotions and a lot of tears. Being pregnant again is making me miss Hannah Grace extra much. Although in saying that, there is also a deeper joy due to not taking any moment with this new baby for granted. I am thankful for the help and peace of the Lord, because I definitely don't have enough strength to walk this journey on my own. All we can do is continue to cover this little girl in prayers, and trust that God will allow us the privilege of bringing her home and raising her.

Below is a cute photo from our 19 week scan, of bubs giving us a 'high five'!

And a photo from about a month ago, showing how she is growing.

I also just wanted to share some photos from Hannah's grave. I was walking past a book store a few weeks ago, and saw this pretty windmill. It made me think about our rainbow baby, so I bought it and we took it to Hannah's grave as a gift from her little sister. Seeing the rainbow colours in front of her headstone is a special reminder of the two precious daughters the Lord has blessed us with.

This last photo sums things up well. 
In God's Arms... We love you and miss you Hannah Grace xx

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