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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hannah's 1st Birthday

(Post from August 29th – I’ve been a bit slow putting it up on here sorry!)

Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful daughter Hannah Grace Frances

It's hard to believe it has been a year since we first met you and held you in our arms. Your Daddy and I will never forget the moment you were born – we remember hearing the nurse announce “It’s a girl”, which was followed by your very loud cry! What an amazing sound that was. We didn’t know what state you would be in when you were born, so we were so thankful to hear you cry and to find that you were strong, breathing by yourself, and doing well. 

Although we soon discovered you did have some significant health issues, the doctors thought maybe they weren’t as bad as they had anticipated; and we all hoped and prayed for the best. Your test results at the end of that day confirmed our worst fears, but you beat the odds and fought to stay with us for 6 days. We will forever treasure every single moment from that week we got to spend with you.

We love you so much precious girl and miss you every single day. You have brought, and continue to bring, so much joy into our lives ♥ 

While there is extreme pain in missing you, we are so thankful that the Lord gave you to us for the time that He did. Although we cry, you regularly make us smile too. We can’t help but have joy because of the precious gift that you are to us. And your life has blessed so many others around the world as well - what a legacy you have left. 

Hope you are celebrating your birthday in heaven today Hannah. I like to imagine you having a party with the angels; but I know that whatever you are doing, you are experiencing nothing but love and happiness with the Lord. 

Know that as your family we are celebrating here, as we are so thankful for your life and the precious time we got to spend with you. Your little sister has been kicking lots today by the way – I think she has been excited that it’s your birthday and wanted to make sure we knew it! 

I made you a 1st birthday cake and some party food too. The cake was in your colours of pink and white, and had butterflies on it just like you had on your blanket. I enjoyed making it for you. We lit the one candle, but felt a real sense of loss in you not being here to blow it out. Your Granddad did it for you. I’m sure you would have enjoyed doing it with him and eating your cake if you were here – I can just imagine the mess! Seeing as you aren’t here we enjoyed it on your behalf. I missed you and thought about you with every bite that I took though. 


You got lots of birthday cards and gifts too by the way... you are loved by so many people. 

Your birthday was very hard for me emotionally. I miss you so so so much precious girl. This is not the way things should be. You should be here with us. Celebrating your 1st birthday here with us. We shouldn't have to do this alone. It's not fair, and it's not right. However sadly it is our reality.

But it was still nice to be able to celebrate your birthday and your life, because even though you aren’t here with us any more, you are still part of our family and still worth celebrating! 

God, please give Hannah Grace Frances a big birthday hug from us. Please tell her we love her.We know you love her even more than we do, and are thankful that she is safe in your arms until we meet her again.

Hannah Grace... sending you lots of love, today on your 1st birthday, and every day.
From your Daddy, Mummy, and little sister xxx


  1. Happy Birthday precious Hannah Grace!!!! I'm so thankful to see people gave her cards and helped you celebrate her life. Huge (((hugs))) to you as I know what an emotional time it is right now.

  2. "Death cannot stop true love. It just delays it for a while."- The Princess Bride.

    Sending you guys a big hug, and all my love. You will be in my thoughts this week. xxx

    Happy Birthday, precious angel. <3

    ERIN xx


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