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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Legacy

If you have been reading my blog recently, you will know that we asked people to do something for Hannah for Christmas – donate a gift to a baby in need, or donate towards an organisation that helps needy Mothers and babies (such as buying a Tear Fund Gift for Life). And we asked you to send us something telling us what you have done, so that we could be encouraged by the legacy Hannah is leaving. Thank you SO much to those of you who did this! We printed off the messages you sent us, and wrote out little cards to represent each of the Gift for Life presents that were bought (as we couldn’t print these out easily).

We put them all in Hannah’s stocking, then opened it on Christmas morning and read them. It was nice to know that although Hannah couldn’t be with us for Christmas, that her life was in some way blessing lots of others – that her life is continuing to have an impact.

This shows what was in her stocking (minus a few messages that were sent last minute that we didn’t have time to print!)…

These (below) are the Gifts for Life – 11 that we know of so far :) These will provide medical care and Bibles for families in third world countries.

And these represent some of the other donations that were made… including a donation to Right for Life (a prolife organisation), a donation to the City Mission, some blankets and teddy bears delivered to the special care unit at a hospital, some baby items donated to an charity called Birth Choice, and some gifts put under wishing trees for a child who otherwise wouldn’t get anything.

Below are a few of the gifts Hannah got for Christmas – a beautiful pink windmill from her Daddy (either for her grave, or to put in our garden in memory of her - I haven't decided yet), and a pretty photo frame from her Aunty Catherine (her photo will look gorgeous in this!).

Jeremy and I also got a card and gift from Hannah for Christmas (thanks to help from her Grandma). The card thanked us for being such good parents to her – it was very sweet. And a pretty pink lantern, with candles to go in it. It is pink and has butterflies on it; so appropriate! I love it.

Thank you to everyone who took some time out from their busy schedule to give a gift to someone more needy this Christmas. It seems appropriate, doesn’t it, seeing as that’s what God did that very first Christmas – in giving his one and only Son, Jesus.

Christmas was even harder than I expected, but it was also a time to thank the Lord for the precious gift He gave us of Hannah. Thanks to all those who remembered her this Christmas; participating in the above, or including her in our Christmas cards and letters, or talking about her with us, or putting decorations for her on your trees etc. We are truly grateful.

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